Dark Academia Portrait Session

To tell you that I was excited for this portrait session will not even begin to cover it. Hey guys I’m Brittney, and I am your photog bestie! I met up with Addy a few months ago and we started planning her senior session. My biggest take away from our meeting was she did not want your “typical” senior session. She came ready with lots of inspo and we got to planning. 4 words, dark academia portrait session. And I am totally here for it. Here was the vibe we were going for during our planning for the first part of her senior photoshoot:

All the art museum, meet me at the underground library, running through London streets, dark academia vibes. Our only problem. We don’t live in London, with cool libraries or art museums. We really don’t have anything like this where we live. After going back and forth on a few possibilities Addy and her mom remembered a friends house that is decorated beautifully but it definitely fit the mark. It had also just gone up on the market. So we bought it. lol. JK. but they did let us take photos before they moved everything out and let me just tell you.. it was stunning, it gave us all the dark academia vibes we could want without actually booking a trip to London. (But don’t tempt me, because I will do it).

The stunning results:

The day came and after I got home and immediately uploaded the photos. Jaw on the floor. I loved them so much and for sure fit the dark academia portrait session vibes. Check them out!

Do you love them? I love them. Actually I am obsessed with them and will probably make this my new personality. Just kidding mostly. If you want to check out another session that is a little extra and just as fun and fabulous go check out this blog with Brielle! Soon I will post the second part of Addy’s photoshoot and we will just call that half the dreamy nature portrait session and it is so good.

  1. Tavia says:

    I loved watching you work with Addy! You were able to take her vision and make it a reality. You are so creative and talented. You made this session a beautiful memory to kick off her senior year. Thank you so much!


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