5 Poses for your Cap and Gown Graduation Photos

I love senior photos especially cap and gown graduation photos. Sometimes cap and gown photos can start all looking the same. So I made a list of my top few favorite poses for your cap and gown graduation photos and made a guide that I use during every cap and gown photoshoot to ensure you are not just getting the basic photos everyone else has.

1. Tossing Your Cap in the Air

Okay, she is ICONIC. Tossing your cap in the air literally screams I’m done, and expresses all the joy that comes with graduation. I like to to do this pose one of three ways depending on what my client prefers. I will either have them throw their cap directly at me or straight up in the air. Both are cute, but be sure you don’t throw it into a tree. I have absolutely had that happen. LOL. If they would rather not get their cap dirty, have them hold one corner of the cap out in front of them and move it around to get movement in the tassel.

Cap and gown graduation pose ideas
Senior cap and gown friend graduation photos
Texas Tech graduation photos

2. Grabbing the Corner of the Graduation Cap

It can feel awkward if you have no clue what to do with your hands in a photo. When in doubt use your props or clothing. One photo I love getting is having my grad grab either one or both corners of their cap and tilt the head. It adds a touch of whimsy to the pose. I mean what does that actually mean, i have no idea. That is the vibe I get from this pose, like you have to hold on tight to your cap for just a bit longer of it will literally fly off and the next leg of your journey will begin.

Cap and gown pose ideas
Senior Photo cap and gown pose ideas Meuse Photo LLC Lubbock Texas

3. Throw Your Graduation Gown Over Your Shoulder

Show off your stylish side by casually throwing your graduation gown over your shoulder. A majority of the time my seniors do not want a lot of photos with the gown zipped all the way up. So my favorite way to show off your cute outfit you are wearing to graduation is to throw on your hat and toss that gown over your shoulder.

Senior Cap and gown photo pose ideas Meuse Photo Lubbock Texas
Senior Cap and gown pose senior photography Lubbock Texas photographer texas tech
Senior cap and gown photoshoot

4. Take a few sitting or kneeling

Many poses for your cap and gown graduation photos are you standing. Switch it up a bit and take a few sitting on some stairs or kneeling down. Stairs are a great tool because you can pose on them in so many different ways.

Cap and gown graduation pose ideas
Cap and gown poses

5. Hold the Graduation Cap in Front of You

Create a focal point by holding your graduation cap in front of you. This pose draws attention to the symbol of your achievement while also highlighting your facial expression. This is also a great pose if you decorate the top of your graduation cap.

graduation cap pose ideas
Senior graduation cap and gown photos
cap graduation photo pose ideas

Bonus Pose: Posing with Your Stole and Graduation Cords
Don’t forget to showcase your academic achievements by posing with your stole and graduation cords. Drape them elegantly around your neck or hold them in your hands to add depth and personalization to your photos. These accessories represent your hard work, dedication, and academic accomplishments, making them essential elements in your graduation photo shoot.

Texas Tech graduation photo lubbock Texas Meuse Photo

For even more tips, ideas, and inspiration for your cap and gown graduation photos, check out this comprehensive posing guide available on Etsy. With detailed instructions and creative suggestions, this guide will help you make the most out of your photo session, ensuring that every pose captures the spirit and significance of your graduation day. Click here to access the guide and elevate your graduation photo experience!

Senior graduation cap and gown photos lubbock Texas Meuse Photo
Senior cap and gown photo lubbock Texas Meuse Photo
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