A Guide to Posing for Your Senior Photos

Your senior year is a whole vibe. It is a culmination of memories, achievements, and milestones. It’s also a time of change, transition, and sometimes a whole lot of senioritis. One of the most cherished traditions during this time is the senior photoshoot, aka spending an ample amount of time with your photog bestie (that’s me, Brittney). You get to capture who you are in this moment. One phrase I hear more than anything is, pleases help I am so awkward, I don’t know how to pose. GIRL, I’ve got your back. Here is a small guide to posing for your senior photos.

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Tips for posing:

1. Choose the right photographer for you: Well that seems obvious. But this is a super important detail you cannot skip. I like to meet up with my senior clients to chat about life and their session. This could absolutely be done over email, but the purpose of chatting isn’t just to plan your session. It is an opportunity for us to make a genuine connection, for my clients to get comfortable with me. By the time your session rolls around you are comfortable with me and by extension, more comfortable behind the lens. You want to choose a photographer who you are going to feel comfortable with, and who you vibe well with. Here is a blog post that will guide you in different qualities to look for.

2. Express Yourself: Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Whether you’re a bookworm, an athlete, an artist, etc, incorporate elements that represent who you are into the photoshoot. Props can be very helpful because our hands can feel awkward when you don’t know what to do with them in photos.

3. Clothing: Where clothing you are comfortable in and really expresses who you are. When you are posing for your senior photos and wearing an outfit you hate or don’t feel like yourself in, that can come across in the photos.

4. Confidence is Key: Stand tall and own the moment. No one else who can do you like you can, so own it, be who you love to be. My favorite moment in a photoshoot is when I get some amazing photos and show my client the back of the camera and their first reaction is WOW. I didn’t know I looked like that. GIRL, YES YOU DO!!! I always like to say my first job is taking photos and a close second is your number one hype girl. If you are silly goofy, great let’s do some silly goofy photos, if you are fancy and like traditional photos great, we can do that.

5. Location Matters: Choose a location that complements you. Whether it’s the beautiful outdoors, a vibrant urban backdrop, or a cozy indoor studio, the right location can enhance the mood of your photos. I recently had a client who can get anxious around other people, so a low profile location was key. Express your anxieties because your photographer will help you out.

Remember, your senior photoshoot is a celebration of you and your journey. Embrace the moment, have fun, let your unique spirit shine through.

One of the classic poses for senior photoshoots is donning your cap and gown. For more in-depth guidance on posing for your cap and gown photoshoot, check out this comprehensive Senior Posing Guide available to download on Etsy. Happy posing!!

Posing for your senior photos, senior photography Meuse Photo Lubbock, Texas
Posing for your senior photos, senior photography Meuse Photo Lubbock, Texas
Senior Photographer Lubbock, Texas Meuse Photo

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