Senior Team Twenty Three

Senior Team Photoshoot Lubbock Texas
Senior Team Twenty Two

Hey! It’s your photog bestie, Brittney!

Before I get to the senior team, I just wanted to say, hey! I am Brittney Meuse, chief photographer and storyteller of Meuse Photo. I love to travel, read, and of course take cute photos. Ever since I was in Middle School, I have been passionate about photography. I started out just wandering anywhere my family went on vacation taking photos of everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. You need a photo of a flower. I’ve got it. 12 different statues I liked from the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. I have them all. A photo of hand prints in the snow? I can print it out now. With my tiny pink point and shoot camera in hand, I fell in love with light, angles, composition, and seeing the world through my lens. Fast forward 15 or so years, and I get to do photography full time.

BTW I was SOO proud of this photo. Good thing I’ve improved.. lol I literally entered this photo in a contest. Didn’t win. BIG shocker.

What is the Meuse Photo Senior Team?

Senior Team Photoshoot Lubbock Texas

I started my first Senior Team five years ago when I lived in the DFW area. I wanted to give seniors the opportunity to make their senior year UNFORGETTABLE and document it along the way. To create a senior experience like no other. More than just taking photos one time, but to shoot with a group of seniors multiple times throughout their senior year.

My senior team becomes the face of Meuse Photo, appearing on my website, marketing materials, advertising, social media, etc. YOU become the face and voice of my brand. My team becomes a family. We hype each other up and create friendships you may not have made otherwise.

SO what exactly do we do?!

Well, exactly what it sounds like. We hang out throughout the year at different group shoots, your individual senior session, and take gorgeous photos of YOU! Some shoots are themed or based on the season we are in. We usually go to the corn maze in the fall and this year we even made a trip out to Palo Duro Canyon for some cute destination photos.

Team Twenty Three Perks

  • Invite to all Team Twenty Three group shoots throughout your senior year including the cap & gown shoot in the Spring
  • First dibs on senior session dates in the fall
  • Fun group events
  • Make lots of new friends and memories that will last a lifetime
  • WAY too many photos to even know what to do with
  • Cool themed shoots
  • Discounted shoots during your senior year (family, mini sessions outside group shoots, prom shoots, etc)
Senior Team Photoshoot Lubbock Texas
Senior Team Lubbock Texas
Senior Team Photoshoot Lubbock Texas

Senior Team Twenty Three Requirements

  • You need to be in the class of 2023 (in high school)
  • Share photos on social media from all shoots you are able to attend. I mean it’s not official until its on social media right? But really I just love when you fall in love with your photos and get to share them with the world.
  • Be active with events, shoots, and other activities Meuse Photo does. Those who participate will get the most out of the program. School, sports, and family of course come first!! Life can get busy and I totally get that. You can come to as many shoots as you are able.
  • Be a team player! I love a team who will hang out at group sessions hyping each other up while I am shooting with them. AKA just be kind to everyone on the team.
  • Use Meuse Photo for your senior portraits. I definitely don’t mind if you are taking photos with other people because sometimes we have that aunt or grandpa who has always envisioned taking your senior photos. As long as you are still posting and hyping my business up along the way. You are not able to participate in other senior model/rep programs put on by other photographers while you are on the Meuse Photo Team!
  • Purchase a senior team package. I will have several packages you can choose from! I will send out the brochure straight to your email so you can see everything each package comes with.
Senior Photoshoot
Palo Duro Photoshoot
Senior Team photography

OKAAAA,,, the senior team sounds amazing. How do I sign up?

I am so pumped you are considering applying for Team Twenty Three! So here are the dates with all the things you need to know to apply. I will also be posting on the Meuse Photo Instagram a place you can ask all the questions you might have about the team!

  • March 24th-31st: Sign up for the VIP list by filling out the contact me form on my website. This is not the application itself (that comes a little later). I will send you info on the team as well as the brochure with all the pricing so you know exactly what you are getting! You can also go ahead and select which package you are looking at investing in!
  • Make sure you are following me on social media. I post different things to each and would love if you followed along to both to see any updates, tips, or announcements about Team Twenty Three.
  • April 1st: APPLICATIONS GO OUT! Check your email, because you will receive an application to fill out and return. This application is basically there so I can get to know you and learn why you want to join my team.
  • NOWWWW, go invite your friends to apply. Because what is better than a year full of fun and gorgeous photos? Doing all that with your BFF.
  • April 30th: Applications for Team Twenty Three will close. This is your last day to submit your application.
  • May 1st: All final decisions on who will be accepted into Team Twenty Three will be made and those who are invited to join the team will be notified via email.
  • Check out all my latest work with previous teams and seniors here!!
  • May 5th: Last day for those invited to join the team to accept their invite to join!
  • May 6th: Pay $100 deposit that will go toward your senior session package.
  • And finally, May 8th: Announce Team Twenty Three on social media! Time to celebrate!!!!!
Senior Team Lubbock Texas

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